il_mio_capitano (capitano_fic) wrote,

Giles Shorts (links)

Afternoon Tea Delight : Buffy. Giles. And Pie.

Recent Drabbles
Bearded B/G
Fish and Chips B/G
Two Beach Drabbles B/G
ER Drabble B/G
3 BG Shower drabbles B/G
20 B/G drabbles. 10 of which are mine B/G

I've done a lot of drabbles in Open On Sunday.Probably All-nighter, Lifeline, Film and Target Market are the funnies. Here be links:

Water Deceived By Flight Concert 
Wrong Question  Back & Back Again Closure Break Shooting Stars
All-nighter Denial of Service LifeLine Choices
Film Every Good Boy Deserves Favour  Found  Open Door Policy
Target Market Connections
Trapped  It's Good to Talk
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